Featuring Baby's Bliss GripeWater, Podee hands free baby bottles,infant colic treatments, the Amazing Miracle Blanket the Bumbo Baby Sitterbaby seat.We also offer specialty baby products discounts for twins, triplets, quads multiples.In addition you'll findvery inventive productsfor potty training toddlers like the Freedom Trainer, the Ducka the Folding Potty Seat. The Primo EuroBath, one of our bestsellers, is the best baby bathtub around, hands down! Use the EuroBath with our unique Corall bath caddy and bathing your slippery newborn will be a snap!

The Magickal Baby is WAHM owned and operated. I hand-pick and research all of the baby products that I sell also use them with my own children. If I don't find a baby product to be practical, time-saving, effective safe, I simply will not sell it!!Everything you'll find in my store has your family's well-being in mind. My goal is to make parents' lives easier byofferingthemthemost Cutting Edge Baby Products on Earth!

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